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May 11, 2020

When it comes to cyber and physical security, there's no such thing as being too prepared. Today’s guests, Logan and Ally know that better than anyone. 

Both specialists in their own right, Ally has a diverse background in cyber defense and security and Logan, over 24-years of military and combat intelligence. 

Listen in as they share insights on boosting awareness and staying safe while you navigate the world and the web. Ally highlights the digital concerns we should be weary of as we increase our time spent on devices. She shares digital tips on VPNs, social media and more. Also, Logan shares a lesson in personal safety. Breaking down the importance of being intentional about what we broadcast and share, find out what you can do to make sure you aren't putting yourself at risk in-person or online. 

Episode Timeline:

  • [00:01] Episode overview
  • [01:46] Meet Logan and Ally
  • [06:04] Logan's work on GORUCK and Trek
  • [09:28] Opportunities to become more prepared
  • [10:57] Zero-day and digital concerns during COVID-19
  • [15:30] Junk email 
  • [17:19] Ecommerce and behavior tracking
  • [20:26] Having no digital footprint
  • [21:52] How not to look like a spy and what's so terrible about Facebook
  • [24:39] DefCon hacking 
  • [27:36] Giving up information and conversation tactics
  • [33:49] Protecting your information: Digital tips for the average person
  • [38:55] Autocross and sim racing
  • [46:05] Becoming a psychohobbyist in any field 
  • [47:55] Why we're always broadcasting: Physical safety tips
  • [51:21] Tattoos and choosing your indicators
  • [59:21] Staying safe when broadcasting digitally
  • [1:02:07] Suggestions for VPN services
  • [1:07:01] Finding Logan
  • [1:11:48] Finding Ally
  • [1:15:16] Outro

Resources Mentioned:

Standout Quotes:

  • “The beaten path is for beaten people. So, if you just continue to do the same things over and over again that path is really well worn... people try to be what they think they should be instead of just being who they are. It shouldn't be well worn. Go do something new. [1:10:12] 
  • “You either be the one that no one would ever want to go after or you be the one that no one would even think about going after. If I'm going to target someone to rob, which most violent criminals have a predator pattern that they follow, they're going to watch you. They're going to decide do I really want to do that?” [55:07] 
  • “The average person can do things that they couldn't do before which may be marketing, may be malicious. But, if you take a lot of time curating your personal safety, why not work on your digital awareness and safety as well.” [20:10]


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