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Jun 8, 2020

Are you stuck in one place while sabotaging your dreams? Or maybe you’re not pushing yourself hard enough to reach them?

Steve had been self-sabotaging before he took his life seriously and joined the law enforcement academy where he learned to push himself and keep the motivation.

In this episode of the Fight to Finish Podcast, Steve shares how becoming a law officers changed his perspective in life and he became the man he is today. Listen in to hear the story of how he experienced an officer-involved shooting incident in the first few months of his career and whether it affected him.

Episode Timeline:

  • [0:44] Intro
  • [2:00] How Arwin and Steve met.
  • [6:58] How was it like moving from the retail side to law enforcement and what steps did he take.
  • [12:48] Two ways you can put yourself through the academy.
  • [14:37] The motivation he got to do well in the academy.
  • [20:39] Learning to push yourself to achieve your goals.
  • [22:33] Tips for anyone who wants to become a law enforcement officer.
  • [26:33] The things that you learn in the police academy and others you have to learn by yourself.
  • [33:56] Comparing law enforcement as portrayed on TV and how it happens in real life.
  • [38:35] He talks about the officer-involved shooting incident he experienced at the beginning of his career.
  • [45:30] The process that follows after weapon dispatching and how different it is from what is shown in the media.
  • [51:38] The traumatic implications that an officer goes through during and after an officer-involved shooting incident.
  • [56:52] He talks about the podcast he used to own before leaving for the academy.
  • [58:01] How working in retail helped him deal with people in a much better way as a law officer.
  • [59:51] How he separates living life and being a law officers.
  • [1:05:03] What advice would he tell his younger self?

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