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Apr 20, 2020

Chase Knight does it all. He’s a CrossFit coach, firefighter, husband, and father based in Kansas City. His most recent adventure, as a coach to visually impaired athlete ​Brooke Pernice​, has left lasting impressions on his approach to training and life.

Sitting down with Sissi and Arwin today, Chase talks about his CrossFit journey, how he balanced coaching and pursuing a fulfilling career in service all while managing family life. He shares his experiences working for certification in CrossFit levels 1, 2 and 3 and his biggest takeaways from them all. Also, find out what he says are the foundational differences between coaching someone who is visually impaired and why he says athletes like Brooke give the rest of us little room to complain.

Episode Timeline:

  • [00:01]​ Intro

  • [00:27]​ Meet Chase Knight

  • [02:14]​ His fitness journey and becoming a high-level fitness trainer

  • [04:10]​ Getting into CrossFit

  • [07:54]​ Sissi's CrossFit development

  • [09:00]​ ​Balancing all his roles and family life

  • [15:31]​ Firefighting education and having to shift priorities

  • [17:48]​ Meeting Brooke and learning about visually impaired

  • [21:43]​ Apraching CrossFit coaching with for the visually impaired

  • [35:12]​ Developing a translatable foundation

  • [42:27]​ Lessons learned from Brooke

  • [49:27]​ How CFL1 compares to CFL2

  • [58:47]​ Moving into level 3

  • [1:02:31]​ The importance of failure

  • [1:04:42]​ Responding to coronavirus

  • [1:12:53]​ What advice Chase Knight would give his past self

  • [1:18:57]​ Where to find Coach Chase

  • [1:21:01]​ Outro

    Resources Mentioned:

  • Brave Enough Crossfit

    Standout Quotes:

  • “I believe that people are intelligent enough to learn. Maybe they might struggle a little bit but I think the beauty of teaching is in the details.” -Chase Knight[25:04]

  • “The value doesn't come from the certification, the value comes from the knowledge and experience you gain from studying for it.” -Chase Knight [1:02:16]

  • “The thing to keep in mind is, the whole idea of CrossFit is to prevent chronic disease... prevent obesity and chronic disease and it's like, who do you think this Coronavirus affects the most?” -Chase Knight [1:08:00]


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