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Nov 29, 2019

In this episode, we attempt to podcast while in the car driving to Ikea (no worries it was hands-free). We always have entertaining conversations while on the road and we decided to capture it for a podcast. In this episode, Sissi explains why she thinks she eats a lot and about the time we got robbed in Argentina. 

0:28:00 - Intro while on the way to an Ikea store

0:05:30 - What is in nog?

0:09:00 - Sissi’s favorite season

0:13:30 - How much do you eat?

0:18:40 - Sensitivity to drug side effects

0:20:50 - What is Ikea? And Swedish meatballs

0:22:30 - Diet and meat-eaters

0:24:20 - Getting robbed in Argentina story

0:30:00 - Having to deal with no identification in a foreign country

0:39:00 - Filipino Lumpia and Argentina Empanada’s

0:45:00 - Outro


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