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Dec 27, 2019

What happens when a group of ALPHABET (parent company to Google) employee's want to smash a 40 years old record? We talk about our first-hand experience volunteering to help these group of young men and women break the Guinness Book of World Records relay distance record. It was a great experience and we wish them the best of luck as they go for it!



[0:00:40] - Introduction

[0:01:30] - how we became a part of this Guinness Book of Records attempt

[0:03:30] - Swimmers don’t use their legs when swimming for distance?

[0:05:00] - Swimming around the clock while still keeping your day job

[0:07:20] - The record they are trying to break

[0:08:20] - The ugly truth about Guinness book of Records

[0:12:00] - Difference between a lifelong swimmer vs. a swimmer who started swimming later in years

[0:14:50] - Our takeaways from our experience

[0:19:00] - Sissi’s theory about Arwin

[0:2100] - Closing remarks


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