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Jul 16, 2020

Succeeding in anything is not an easy thing. It calls for persistence, sacrifice, and determination. Sometimes, you may lose a close friend, death of a loved one, or a spouse leading to negative energy, but you must keep moving until you realize your goal. Stephen Detoma is a good example of how you can convert a negative emotion and persist until you succeed.

In this episode of Fight to Finish podcast, we host Stephen Detoma. Detoma will share his experience in the GORUCK community and how he dealt with the loss of a close friend. Also, he will be sharing the background of his Gauntlet endurance cult and lessons learned from the body modification industry.

Listen to this inspiring episode and learn essential ideas on fighting to finish!

Episode Timeline:

[00:00] Intro

[01:35] Getting to know Detoma and his involvement in the GORUCK community events.

[04:35] How Detoma met with us (Sissi and Arwin)

[06:29] The memories of Nord Cal event and Detoma's advice during our wedding plan.

[10:21] How Detoma got to GORUCK

[17:17] Dealing with a loss through channeling the negative energy into a positive way.

[26:44] Why having a balance in life matters

[30:11] Detoma's experience on the first GORUCK event

[34:56] What motivates Detoma to attend various GORUCK events

[44:46] What a dream team would be like for Detoma

[46:34] Going back to the Veterans Day and the 12 miles ruck encounter

[53:02] the leadership/life skills lessons from the 12-mile ruck event.

[57:15] How Detoma developed the rock clubs

[60:54] Detoma's experience in the body modification industry.

[63:32] The origin of the name Gauntlet endurance and application of experience from the body modification industry.

[69:38] How one can join Gauntlet Endurance

[78:18] What advice would Detoma give to his younger self.

[80:21] What Detoma would tell his future self

[84:36] How COVID impacted Detoma's 2020 plans

[89:32] Having a positive perspective amid the current crisis

[93:18] Connect with Detoma

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