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Jun 22, 2020

Many people living with kidney disease are not bold enough to share their stories with the rest of the world, which is understandable. It takes a courageous man like Oliver Mondina to help us understand what it is like to live with the disease. Oliver is the perfect definition of a dream chaser. He chases his dreams no matter what.

In this episode of the Fight to Finish Podcast, we have Oliver joining us. Oliver will be sharing with us about GORUCK, his experience in the nursing field, and what it is like to live with kidney disease.

Are you ready for an inspiring episode? Listen in!

Episode Timeline:


[01:36] How did Oliver get to know us (Sissi and Arwin)

[03:58] How Oliver got into GORUCK

[12:42] What's an elephant walk?

[19:54] Oliver's takeaways from the welcome party

[25:35] Digging deeper into Nor Cal event

[28:02] Oliver's kidney disease

[35:28] Effects of Kidney disease on Oliver

[46:14] Oliver's experience in the nursing school

[48:58]How Oliver's kidney disease has helped him remain focused on his nursing career

[52:09] How has Covid changed the environment, especially for Oliver, with his current conditioner?

[56:45] What extra caution is Oliver taking with the Covid pandemic?

[57:10] Having worked in different departments, which department has Oliver enjoyed most?

[61:59]How can people donate kidneys?

[64:32] Oliver's advice to his younger self

[66:18]What would Oliver want to know from his future self?

[72:38]Connect with us

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