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Jan 17, 2020

We sit down with the actor and thespian Jacob Gunter. He has acted in a number of short and feature-length films and many theater productions. Among his most notable claims to fame was appearing on the Netflix show “13 Reasons Why”. Listen in as we discuss what it is like being an actor outside of Hollywood and pursuing his dreams.


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Discussed in this episode:


[00:01:30] - Who is Jacob Gunter?


[00:03:43] - What is the difference between thespian and an actor?


[00:04:30] - When and why did you get into acting?


[00:08:30] - Touching people during his college years


[00:12:40] - Dealing with tragedy and a restart in acting 


[00:15:20] - Being on a major Hollywood set


[00:16:30] - Hugging Bryce from 13 Reasons Why


[00:19:15] - How he became an extra


[00:23:15] - Everywhere you go you are always auditioning


[00:31:05] - Finding connections


[00:38:47] - Addressing negative reactions


[00:41:03] - Keeping a full-time job while pursuing acting


[01:10:00] - Getting recognized from Instagram


[01:11:00] - Where are you in 13 Reasons Why?

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